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The Tech Museum of Innovation: Calendar of Events March/April 2006

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Monday, 6 March, 2006
GENERAL INFORMATION HOURS: The Tech is open Tuesday through Sunday and also holiday Mondays 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. PRICING: $10 general admission, $8 seniors, $7 children (Galleries OR IMAX); $16 general admission, $11 seniors, $10 children (COMBO Galleries and IMAX) CONTACT: For general information, 408-294-TECH (8324), LOCATION: The Tech is located in downtown San Jose at the corner of Park Ave. and Market St. near I-280 and Hwy 87. Easily accessible via Light Rail, Bus, Car and Caltrain ************************************************************************ FRESH @ THE TECH View from Space Exhibit Opens March 31 Imagine watching hurricanes form over a large-scale globe. Or, observe the complexity of aircraft flight patterns and satellite orbits. From the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, View from Space allows visitors to observe complex scientific information in an easily understandable, visually stunning form. Presentations will be held several times daily. Tech Awards Nominations Due April 3 The Tech is issuing a global call for nominations for the 2006 Tech Museum Awards. This program honors innovators who use technology to benefit humanity. More information is available at Fight the Flood @ Tech Challenge April 29 This year's Tech Challenge asks teams of students in grades 6-12 to create an innovative way to fill sandbags that is more efficient and requires less heavy lifting than a shovel. EXHIBITS Untamed Images Exhibit Closes April 2 Silicon Valley engineer-turned-photographer Michael Pollack loves wild things and wild places. He's toured the world looking for them, producing a one-of-a-kind digital photography exhibit called Untamed Images. This free exhibition is located in The Tech's New Venture Hall. IDEA House We've remodeled the IDEA House, with more zany gizmos in the kitchen, a bigger snack zone and a brand new swimming pool. Visitors can build and operate devices designed to make everyday tasks easy and fun! CURRENT IMAX FILMS Roving Mars This made-for-IMAX movie takes viewers on a stunning voyage through space! Follow NASA's adventurous robots, Spirit and Opportunity, as they explore Mars and uncover the mysteries of the Red Planet. Wired to Win This is the story of two bicyclists competing in the legendary Tour de France. During the three-week race, competitors experience fatigue, pain, lack of motivation and a myriad of other emotions. This action-packed movie shows how they use their brains to control all this and keep going - even after a crash that takes down 100 riders! SPECIAL EVENTS AND PROGRAMS Ongoing: Segway Human Transporter You've seen it in the news, now try it out yourself! Take a ride on the Segway Human Transporter, daily from 2-3 p.m. *Riders must be over 16 years old and weigh between 100 and 250 pounds* Second Sundays are Free, Thanks to AT&T AT&T and The Tech are offering free unlimited gallery admission to the community the second Sunday of every month. This is a great opportunity to explore the technologies impacting your life. Experience interactive, hands-on exhibits like "NetPl@net" and "Wet Lab." There's something at The Tech to inspire the innovator in everyone! Upcoming Free Days: March 12, April 9. Free Wireless Internet Access @ The Tech's Café Primavera Grab a bite to eat and check your email at Café Primavera in The Tech's lobby. Hungry museum-goers, downtown workers and convention attendees can nosh on pizza, delicious sandwiches and healthy salads while getting the latest news on their laptops or PDAs. VOLUNTEERS The Tech is looking for volunteers to join the museum crew to help engage people of all ages and backgrounds in exploring and experiencing the technologies that affect our lives. Inspire young people to become tomorrow's innovators and have lots of fun along the way! Must be at least 15 and able to make a commitment of one year, eight hours per month. Call The Tech's Volunteer Recruitment Team at (408) 795-6163 for more information and a volunteer application. MISSION STATEMENT: THE TECH MUSEUM OF INNOVATION The Tech Museum of Innovation is a non-profit educational institution that engages people of all ages and backgrounds in exploring and experiencing the technologies affecting their lives and aims to inspire the innovator in everyone. Located in the heart of downtown San Jose, at 201 S. Market Street. For more information, visit our website at or call (408) 294-TECH. ###