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  • by Michelle Maranowski on September 26, 2013
    If you have been to The Tech recently, you know that we have opened a new exhibition on the bottom floor of the museum that explores Social Robots. Right now, the exhibition is a design challenge where our visitors can build a robot using input... Read More
  • by Guest Blogger on September 18, 2013
    By Laura Bruursema At The Tech, kids can shake in a simulated earthquake, cycle to power a light bulb and then race to catch interactive digital butterflies. Most weekdays, school trips fill the museum floor with boisterous groups of kids, shrieking... Read More
  • by Guest Blogger on July 12, 2013
    By Laura Bruursema During my time working with The Tech, I’ve been talking with a lot of elementary and middle school aged girls. They’ve shared stories with me about their diverse interests in art, sports, fashion, science and math. They love to... Read More
  • by Maryanna Rogers on May 1, 2013
    What is the role of the museum in the context of contemporary [digital] culture?  …Where we face a constant flood of information?  …Where anyone and everyone can become a curator of knowledge? …Where digital replicas of historical objects, artworks... Read More
  • by Dan Streelman on April 16, 2013
    What gives an inanimate object a personality? For scientists and engineers in the new social robots field, finding out what gives a robot the appearance of emotion or personality is essential. In the case of these little LEGO walking bots, it is... Read More