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AT&T Bell Laboratories
Ongoing advancement of modern communication systems
AT&T Labs and Lucent Technologies Communications

Frederick P. Brooks, Jr., Erich Bloch, and Bob O. Evans
Breakthrough family of IBM System/360 computers
International Business Machines Corp. Computing

Harold A. Rosen and Allen E. Puckett
Geostationary satellites—a new era in satellite communications
Hughes Aircraft Corporation Aerospace and Aviation

John T. Parsons and Frank L. Stulen
Innovating numerically controlled machine tools for industry
John T. Parsons Company Chemistry and Physics

Joseph F. Sutter
Breaking the mold for jet-powered aircraft
Boeing Commercial Airplane Corporation Aerospace and Aviation

Marvin M. Johnson
Improving petroleum refining through metals passivation
Phillips Petroleum Company Chemistry and Physics

Ralph Landau
Engineer of key innovative materials and chemical processes
Halcon-Scientific Design Group Chemistry and Physics

Steven P. Jobs and Stephen Wozniak
The personal computer is born
Apple Computer Computing

William H. Joyce
Plastics pioneer and entrepreneur
Union Carbide Corporation Globalization and Commerce

Bernard Gordon
Father of high-speed analog-to-digital conversion
Analogic Corporation Chemistry and Physics

Francis L. VerSnyder
Directionally solidified and single-crystal turbine components
United Technologies Corp. Aerospace and Aviation

Frank N. Piasecki
Developer of the tandem rotor helicopter and other innovative aircraft
Piasecki Aircraft Corporation Aerospace and Aviation

Reynold B. Johnson
Introduced and developed magnetic disk storage for computers
International Business Machines Corp. Computing

Stanley Donald Stookey
Making magic with glass-ceramics
Corning Glass Works Chemistry and Physics

William Norris
Advancement of microelectronics and computer technology
Control Data Corporation Computing

Robert N. Noyce
Inventor of the integrated circuit and champion of the Information Age
Intel Corp. Computing

John E. Franz
Introduced safer and more effective weed killers
Monsanto Corporation Chemistry and Physics

Joseph V. Charyk
Developed the first global satellite network
Communications Satellite Corporation (COMSAT) Aerospace and Aviation

W. Edwards Deming
Management theorist and advocate for product quality
Chemistry and Physics

Arnold O. Beckman
Advancing scientific research and technology through innovative instrumentation
Beckman Instruments and Smith Kline Beckman Corporation Medicine

Clarence L. Johnson
Outstanding achievements in aircraft design and business management
Lockheed Martin Corporation Aerospace and Aviation

David Packard
Extraordinary and unselfish leadership in both industry and government
Hewlett-Packard Company Globalization and Commerce

Edwin H. Land
The invention, development, and marketing of instant photography
Polaroid Corporation, The Rowland Institute for Science Chemistry and Physics

Harold E. Edgerton
Inventor of the electronic strobe light and modern flash photography
EG&G Corporation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Chemistry and Physics

John Leland Atwood
Technological advances in aviation and space travel
Rockwell International Corporation Aerospace and Aviation

Paul M. Cook
Visionary and entrepreneur in radiation chemistry
Raychem Corporation Chemistry and Physics

Raymond Damadian and Paul C. Lauterbur
Developers of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and whole-body medical scanning
FONAR Corporation and the University of Illinois Medicine

Robert H. Dennard
Inventor of DRAM, modern computer memory
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center Computing

Helen Edwards, Richard A. Lundy, J. Richie Orr, and Alvin Tollestrup
Developed the TEVATRON particle accelerator
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Chemistry and Physics

Herbert W. Boyer and Stanley N. Cohen
Inventors of gene splicing
University of California, San Francisco and Stanford University Medical Center Medicine

Jay W. Forrester and Robert R. Everett
Developers of the first real-time electronic digital computer
Massachusetts Institute of Technology and The Mitre Corporation Computing

Chauncey Starr
Pioneer in nuclear power and energy research
Electric Power Research Institute Chemistry and Physics

David B. Pall
Developing and commercializing over 100 filtration products
Pall Corporation Medicine

Donald N. Frey
Innovator in manufacturing and information systems
Northwestern University Globalization and Commerce

Fred W. Garry
High-performance jet engines
General Electric Corporation Aerospace and Aviation

Gordon E. Moore
Visionary leader of the microchip revolution
Intel Corporation Computing

Jack St. Clair Kilby
Computing pioneer and prolific inventor
Jack Kilby Co. Computing

John S. Mayo
Making the move from analog to digital
AT&T Bell Laboratories Communications

John V. Atanasoff
Co-inventor of the first digital computer
Iowa State University Computing

Marvin Camras
Creator of modern recording technology
Illinois Institute of Technology Communications

The DuPont Company
Innovative high-tech materials
Globalization and Commerce

Wilson Greatbatch
Inventor of the cardiac pacemaker
Wilson Greatbatch, Limted Medicine

C. Gordon Bell
Continuing achievements in computer design
Microsoft Corporation Computing

Carl Djerassi
Developer of hormone-based insect control
Stanford University Chemistry and Physics

Charles R. Reed
Going beyond inventing
General Electric Co. Globalization and Commerce

F. Kenneth Iverson
Making innovative steel "mini-mills" a reality
Nucor Inc. Globalization and Commerce

Frederick M. Jones and Joseph A. Numero
Development of refrigeration technology for transportation
Thermo King, a subsidiary of Westinghouse Electric Corporation Chemistry and Physics

Geoffrey Boothroyd and Peter Dewhurst
Developed design for manufacture and assembly (DFMA)
University of Rhode Island Globalization and Commerce

Grace Murray Hopper
Inventor of the first modern computer language

James J. Duderstadt
Excellence in engineering education and commerce
University of Michigan Globalization and Commerce

John Cocke
Inventor of reduced instruction set computer (RISC) architecture
International Business Machines Corp. Computing

John Paul Stapp
Originator of biodynamics and modern crash safety
U.S. Air Force (Ret.)/Space Center Aerospace and Aviation

Robert W. Galvin
Leadership and technological innovation in electronics
Motorola Incorporated Computing

Stephen D. Bechtel, Jr.
Outstanding leadership in the engineering profession
Bechtel Group, Inc. Globalization and Commerce

The Pegasus Team: David W. Thompson, Antonio L. Elias, David S. Hollingsworth, Robert R. Lovell
Developers of the first commercial space launch vehicle
Orbital Sciences Corporation and Hercules, Inc. Aerospace and Aviation

Charles D. Kelman, M.D., P.C.
Innovations in cataract surgical technology

Delbert H. Meyer
He brought polyester out of the lab and into our lives
Amoco Chemical Company Chemistry and Physics

Joseph M. Juran
Applying statistical quality control to new technology
Juran Institute Globalization and Commerce

Merck & Company, Incorporated
Innovative human and animal health products

N. Joseph Woodland
Inventor of the barcoding system
International Business Machines Corp. Globalization and Commerce

Paul B. Weisz
Improving petroleum refining through advanced chemistry
University of Pennsylvania and Mobil Corporation Chemistry and Physics

W. Lincoln Hawkins
Plastics pioneer
AT&T Bell Laboratories Chemistry and Physics

William H. Gates III
Computing visionary and business leader
Microsoft Corporation Computing

Amos E. Joel
Leading the way for long-distance phone calls
AT&T Bell Laboratories Communications

George Kozmetsky
Technology development and entrepreneurship
IC2 Institute, University of Texas at Austin Globalization and Commerce

George Levitt and Marinus Los
Independent contributions to environmentally friendly herbicides
DuPont Corporation and American Cyanamid Corporation Chemistry and Physics

Hans W. Liepmann
Outstanding research contributions to the field of fluid mechanics
California Institute of Technology Chemistry and Physics

Kenneth H. Olsen
Entrepreneur and innovator of computing technology
Digital Equipment Corporation Computing

Walter L. Robb
Leadership in the development and commercialization of new medical imaging technologies
General Electric Corporation Medicine

William D. Manley
Discovery and creative application of high-tech materials
Martin Marietta Energy Systems and Oak Ridge National Laboratory Chemistry and Physics

Improving and extending the lives of cancer and kidney disease patients

Corning Incorporated
Inventions that spawned new industries—lighting, television and optical communications
Chemistry and Physics

H. Joseph Gerber
Inventor and promoter of manufacturing automation systems
Gerber Scientific Incorporated Globalization and Commerce

Irwin M. Jacobs
Innovation and leadership in the field of digital wireless communications
Qualcomm, Incorporated Communications

Joel S. Engel and Richard Frenkiel
Fathers of the cellular phone
Ameritech, Incorporated and AT&T Consumer Products Communications

Breakthrough technology as a path to success
Globalization and Commerce

Alejandro Zaffaroni
Adding new dimensions to individual health
ALZA Corporation, Affymax N.V. Chemistry and Physics

Edward R. McCracken
Groundbreaking work in 3D visual computing
SGI Computing

IBM Team: Praveen Chaudhari, Jerome J. Cuomo, and Richard J. Gambino
Inventors of read-write, optical storage technology
IBM TJ Watson Research Center Computing

Sam B. Williams
Inventor and entrepreneur in gas-turbine engine technology
Williams International Aerospace and Aviation

The Procter & Gamble Company
Applying advanced technologies to consumer products
Globalization and Commerce

Charles H. Kaman
Pioneering helicopter design and technology
Kaman Corporation Chemistry and Physics

James C. Morgan
Leader in globalization and commercialization of semiconductor manufacturing
Applied Materials, Inc. Globalization and Commerce

Johnson & Johnson
Continuous innovation in health and quality of life
Globalization and Commerce

Peter H. Rose
Vision and leadership in modern semiconductor manufacturing
Krytek Corporation Chemistry and Physics

Ronald H. Brown
Champion for the innovative spirit of the American people
U.S. Secretary of Commerce, 1993-1996 (posthumous award) Globalization and Commerce

Stephanie Louise Kwolek
Inventor of Kevlar
DuPont Company Chemistry and Physics

Norman R. Augustine
Leader in the aerospace industry
Lockheed Martin Corporation Aerospace and Aviation

Ray M. Dolby
Inventor of sound recording and reproduction technologies
Dolby Laboratories Inc. Communications

Robert S. Ledley
Radiology revolutionary in medicine
Georgetown University Medical Center Medicine

Vinton Gray Cerf and Robert E. Kahn
Envisioned the network that became the Internet
MCI and Corporation for National Research Initiatives Communications

Biogen Incorporated
Breakthrough biology for saving lives worldwide

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Extending and enhancing human life through innovative pharmaceuticals

Denton A. Cooley, M.D.
Innovator of modern cardiac medical practice
Texas Heart Institute, Texas Medical Center Medicine

Kenneth L. Thompson and Dennis M. Ritchie
Inventors of the Unix operating system and C programming language
Bell Laboratories and Lucent Technologies Communications

Robert Fraley, Robert Horsch, Ernest Jaworski, Stephen Rogers
Bringing genetic engineering to agriculture
Monsanto Corporation Chemistry and Physics

Glen Culler
Computing and network pioneer
Culler Scientific Systems Corporation Computing

Raymond Kurzweil
Pioneer in artificial intelligence

Robert Swanson
Father of modern biotechnology
K&E Management, Ltd. Medicine

Robert Taylor
Helping make computers personal

Symbol Technologies, Inc.
Bringing barcode scanning and wireless technology to a global audience
Globalization and Commerce

Corning Team: Donald B. Keck, Robert D. Maurer, Peter C. Schultz
Inventors of low-loss optical fiber
Corning Incorporated Communications

Dean Kamen
Medical inventor, entrepreneur and technology advocate
DEKA Research & Development Corporation Medicine

Douglas C. Engelbart
Director, Bootstrap Institute
Bootstrap Institute Computing

IBM Corporation
World leader in data storage technology

Arun N. Netravali
Leader in the field of communication systems
Bell Labs Communications

Jerry M. Woodall
Semiconductor researcher and inventor
Yale University Computing

John A. Ewen
Industrial research chemist and inventor
Catalyst Research Corporation Chemistry and Physics

Sidney Pestka
Leader in the field of biotechnology
University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey Medicine

The Dow Chemical Company
Chemistry and Physics

Calvin H. Carter, Jr.
Pioneer in the development of new semiconductor materials
Cree, Inc. Computing

Carver A. Mead
Microelectronics leader, teacher and entrepreneur
California Institute of Technology Computing

Wilmington, Delaware
Three decades of technology leadership Chemistry and Physics

Haren S. Gandhi
Automotive technology to improve environmental standards
Ford Motor Company Globalization and Commerce

John J. Mooney and Carl D. Keith
Principal inventors of the three-way catalytic converter
Engelhard Corporation (retired) Globalization and Commerce

Nick Holonyak, Jr., M. George Craford, Russell Dean Dupuis
Inventors and innovators in LED technology
Microelectronics Lab, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; Lumileds Lighting, San Jose, California; Georgia Institute of Technology at Atlanta, Georgia Chemistry and Physics

Jan D. Achenbach
Pioneering use of ultrasonic methods to improve aircraft safety
Departments of Mechanical and Civil and Environment Engineering, Northwestern University Aerospace and Aviation

Robert M. Metcalfe
Inventor of the Ethernet
Polaris Venture Partners Computing

Rodney D. Bagley, Irwin M. Lachman, Ronald M. Lewis Bagley
Innovative designers of catalytic converters
Corning Incorporated Chemistry and Physics

Eight decades of leadership in the petroleum industry
Des Plaines, IL Chemistry and Physics

Watts S. Humphrey
Innovator of software development and production methodologies
Fellow of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), Carnegie Mellon University Computing

Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation
Pioneering role in patenting and licensing university ideas
University of Wisconsin-Madison Globalization and Commerce

Gen-Probe Incorporated
Fast and effective blood-testing technologies for infectious diseases
San Diego, CA Medicine

IBM-Microelectronics Division
Four decades of innovation in semiconductor technology
Armonk, NY Computing

Industrial Light & Magic
30 years of innovation in visual effects technology for the motion picture industry
San Francisco, CA Computing

Motorola, Inc.
Over 75 years of achievement and leadership in mobile communications
Schaumburg, IL Communications

Development and commercialization of aerodynamic, lightweight trucks
Bellevue, WA Globalization and Commerce

Ralph H. Baer
Father of the Home Videogame
Engineering Consultant, Manchester, NH Computing

Roger Lee Easton
Pioneer of satellite-based Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
RoBarCo, Canaan, NH Aerospace and Aviation

Alfred Y. Cho
Development of the molecular Beam epitaxy (MBE) technology and its application in electronic and photonic devices
Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, Murray Hill, NJ Communications

Dean L. Sicking
Design and development of car safety technology to decrease damage cause by crashes
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, NE Chemistry and Physics

Genzyme Incorporated
Improvement of the health of patients with rare diseases and development of new therapies using biotechnology
Cambridge, MA Medicine

Ronald J. Eby, Maya Koster, Dace Viceps, Velupillai Puvanesarajah
Discovery, development, and commercialization of the first vaccine against Streptococcus pneumonia infections in children
Wyeth Pharmaceticals Medicine

Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC)
Development of most successful university research team for growth and advancement of semiconductor industry
Durham, NC Globalization and Commerce

Xerox Corporation
For over 50 years of innovation in marketing, materials, electronics, communications, and software
Norwalk, CT Computing

Charles M. Vest
Revitalization of partnerships among academia, government, and industry
Massachusetts Insititute of Technology (Cambridge, MA) or Arlington, VA Education

Herwig W. Kogelnik
Development of the technology of lasers, optoelectronics, integrated optics, and lightwave communication systems
Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs (Murray Hill, NJ) of Fair Haven Communications

James E. West
Co-inventor of the electric microphone in 1962
The Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD) of Plainfield, NJ Communications

Leslie A. Geddes
Contributions to electrode design and tissue restoration leading to the development of the modern implantable medical device field
Purdue University, Lafayette, IN Medicine

Paul G. Kaminsky
Development of advanced, unconventional imagining from space for national security and the development of advanced systems with greatly enhanced survivability
Technovation, Inc., Fairfax Station, VA Aerospace and Aviation

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