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Learning, Design, and Technology program, Stanford University

Stanford's Learning, Design, and Technology MA program students prototyped a broad range of projects, from design kits that build STEM skills to social, virtual tools for learning programming. After prototyping at The Tech, students presented their final projects at the LDT Expo at Stanford. 5 project teams participated in the LDT Beta Jam. NodeCraft: Social web platform for middle school students to learn programming concepts by crafting and exploring virtual worlds. Strummify: Learning guitar through interactive and adaptive instruction that interfaces in real time with a learner's audio input. DesignDuo: A DIY design kit for dads and daughters to explore new technologies and create cool gadgets together. What If: A toolkit that empowers individuals to automate their worlds, helping them see how programming fits in their lives. Horse Sense Problem Solver: Web-based tool that helps users approach problems with a fresh perspective by asking a series of problem-solving questions.

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