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How does Roominate work? Start by building your structure. Do you want two floors, a balcony, a slanted roof, or a house on wheels? It’s up to you and your imagination! Next, design bunk beds, water slides, spiral staircases, bookshelves, tool benches, and more! Then use circuits to make your creation come alive with a working windmill, elevator, merry-go-round, light up bunsen burner, refrigerator, or desk lamp! Past creations include amusement parks with spinning cotton candy makers, helicopters, puppy hotels, NASA, giant mansions, and so much more! Parents and siblings (boys and girls) welcome to build too! Have fun and explore the intersection of creativity, engineering, and storytelling.
Alice and Bettina draw from their experiences as engineers at Stanford, MIT, and Caltech to design toys that will get more girls interested in engineering and technology from a young age. Roominate has been featured in the New York Times, Wall St Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, and on MSNBC.

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