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AT&T Bell Laboratories
Ongoing advancement of modern communication systems
AT&T Labs and Lucent Technologies Communications

Frederick P. Brooks, Jr., Erich Bloch, and Bob O. Evans
Breakthrough family of IBM System/360 computers
International Business Machines Corp. Computing

Harold A. Rosen and Allen E. Puckett
Geostationary satellites—a new era in satellite communications
Hughes Aircraft Corporation Aerospace and Aviation

John T. Parsons and Frank L. Stulen
Innovating numerically controlled machine tools for industry
John T. Parsons Company Chemistry and Physics

Joseph F. Sutter
Breaking the mold for jet-powered aircraft
Boeing Commercial Airplane Corporation Aerospace and Aviation

Marvin M. Johnson
Improving petroleum refining through metals passivation
Phillips Petroleum Company Chemistry and Physics

Ralph Landau
Engineer of key innovative materials and chemical processes
Halcon-Scientific Design Group Chemistry and Physics

Steven P. Jobs and Stephen Wozniak
The personal computer is born
Apple Computer Computing

William H. Joyce
Plastics pioneer and entrepreneur
Union Carbide Corporation Globalization and Commerce

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