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Maker: RobotGroup, Shanghai, China and Buenos Aires, Argentina

Multiplo is a robot prototyping kit with a visual programming language called Minibloq.

How Does It Work
You can change Multiplo’s behavior by updating its code. Multiplo uses different kinds of sensors to help it respond to its environment. Our version of Multiplo has light and ultrasound sensors. The circular disks on the front of Multiplo—they look like eyes—are ultrasound sensors. One eye sends out a beep and the other eye detects when the beep bounces back. Using these two sensors, Mulitplo can determine if an object blocks its path and how far away that object is. Multiplo’s current program tries to avoid obstacles—when it senses an object in front of it, it changes direction.
About the Maker
RobotGroup develops programmable robotic kits designed to make robotics accessible to children.