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From Batman’s beginnings to the End of Days

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Tech Museum unveils a vibrant new season of lectures, expert guests

SAN JOSE, CA - The Caped Crusader’s exploits kick off a new lecture series at The Tech Museum, where guest speakers are also lined up to tackle the exploration of Mars to the physics of animation to the much-ballyhooed End of Days predicted, some say, by the Mayan calendar.

Film buff and author Bruce Scivally bursts onto the scene via Skype July 29 to reveal the untold tales of Batman, one of the most lucrative comic book franchises in history. The author of  “Billion Dollar Batman” will also field questions from Bat fans and share thoughts from his book, a blow-by-blow history of Batman from 10 cents comic book to global icon.

“Batman is a very dark character, one who has psychological issues and is motivated by a deep sense of rage and injustice,” said Scivally, a film historian and teacher of scriptwriting, media theory and film history at Illinois Institute of Art – Chicago and Columbia College. “I believe one of the reasons he’s remained so popular is because, quite simply, he’s us.”

Since his creation in 1939, Batman has become one of the most popular characters in fiction. His legend grew to superhero status and the character became a frequent guest star on the Superman radio show. The Batman went on star in his own campy, explosively popular TV series. The tale continues with the “The Dark Knight Rises,” which will play at The Hackworth IMAX Dome Theater at The Tech Museum beginning July 20.

The Tech Museum Lecture Series promises an enlightening season of debate and discussion on a range of heady science, math and technology topics and their intersection with art, politics, and culture. All lectures begin at 2 p.m. They include:

• Author and scientist, William J. Clancey, discusses robotic geologists in “The Voyages of Scientific Discovery with the Mars Exploration Rovers” on Sunday, August 26.

• Professor Alejandro Garcia illustrates the animation industry from the scientific and artistic perspective in “The Physics of Animation” on Sunday, September 16.

• Vivafest’s “2012: Maya Calendar Revealed” movie and panel discussion on Sunday, September 30. Film Screening of 2012: The Beginning followed by panel discussion with Jean Molesky-Poz, Isabel Hawkins, Maya Elder Tat Jose Soc Chivalan, and Shannon Kring Buset, Jennie Luna.

• Keith Devlin’s “Calculus: The Big DeaI is it is a Big Deal” lecture explains the what, why, and how of one of humanity’s greatest inventions on Sunday, November 18.

• Keith Devlin’s “Is Mathematics More Art Than Science” lecture followed by discussion with Dr. Alejandro Garcia, professor of physics at San Jose State, is on Sunday, December 16.

While admission to the “Billion Dollar Batman” lecture is free, space is limited. Reserve your ticket

Tickets for the rest of the lecture series are on sale now; pricing varies by lecture. For more information


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