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GE College Innovation Postcard Exhibit Debuts at The Tech Museum

Press Release Date 
Friday, July 18, 2003

Exhibit Information

GE Innovation Postcards, signed by more than 1,000 college students who participated in the Spring 2003 GE College Innovation Tour (, will be on display at The Tech Museum of Innovation from July 7th to August 17th, 2003. This rotating exhibit will feature a new postcard every two weeks. The 9' tall by 12' wide Innovation Postcards are filled with a collage of thoughts, questions, and images, representing how college students feel about innovation in America. The Postcards represent the thinking of the next generation of American innovators as it identifies the obstacles and challenges college students are facing in their professional and personal lives.

After viewing the comments on the postcards, museum goers will be asked to share their own thoughts about innovation via an interactive kiosk located adjacent to the exhibit. By sharing their thoughts and feelings about the state of innovation in America, participants' quotes will be eligible for publication on the GE College Innovation Tour Web site and become an official part of the national Tour, which is scheduled to continue in the Fall at college campuses around the country.

Why GE?

For more than 100 years, GE has been at the forefront of innovation. Its many businesses have been responsible for thousands of innovations in a variety of industries.

A recent survey conducted by GE (NYSE: GE) found that only 9% of college students feel the United States is doing enough to encourage innovation among young adults. As a result, the GE College Innovation Tour was launched to inspire creativity and to better understand how college students feel about innovation as it relates to their lives. Visiting college campuses throughout the U.S., GE launched the Tour this Spring in an effort to address the concerns, feelings and aspirations of college students as they relate to innovation and imagination.

The Tech Museum exhibit is an extension of the Tour and a chance for all visitors to interact and communicate with the thoughts and comments of the thousands of college students who shared their opinions on the Innovation Postcards.

About The Tech Museum of Innovation

Located in San Jose, CA, The Tech Museum of Innovation engages people of all ages and backgrounds in exploring and experiencing the technologies affecting their lives and aims to inspire the young to become innovators in the technologies of the future. For information, visit or call (408) 294-TECH.