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Stem Cell Research holds promise for range of diseases and disorders

Two medical authorities to share their work during the lecture “Stem Cells: Power and Promise” at The Tech Museum of Innovation on Sunday

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013
SAN JOSE, CA – Imagine thwarting two of America’s biggest killers: cardiovascular diseases and cancers.
Together, they account for the deaths of nearly half a million Americans a year. But medical authorities are increasingly holding hope in regenerative medicine, which they say could present more effective ways to repair cardiovascular damage and improve cancer treatment – as well as neurological disorders, spinal cord injuries, and some birth defects.
Come Sunday, July 21, developmental biologist, Uta Grieshammer, PhD, and Stanford University surgery professor, Dr. Jill Helms, will share the latest advancements in stem cell research at The Tech Museum of Innovation during their lecture “Stem Cells: Power and Promise.” The experts will analyze and consider the human body’s potential to harness its own healing powers and what that means for the future of medical treatment.
Excitement over the power of stem cells has erupted in the past few years, as unprecedented gains have launched further research and pushed boundaries in terms of what scientists now believe is possible. The most recent development occurred this month in Japan, where specialists used stem cells from skin and blood to create a functional human liver.
Stem cells are found throughout the body in many different tissues, including muscles, skin, and nerves. Their primary function is to replenish new cells when old cells die. This concept makes them an exciting candidate for regenerative medicine, and according to Dr. Helms, they “may well be the most important scientific advancement of our lifetimes.”
WHO: Uta Grieshammer, PhD and Dr. Jill Helms, two experts in the field of stem cell research. Interviewed by Angie Coiro, an award-winning journalist and talk radio host.
WHAT: An engaging and thought provoking discussion of stem cell research and of the potential to regenerate and repair body tissue.
WHERE: The Tech Museum of Innovation, 201 South Market Street, San Jose, CA.
WHEN: 2:00 p.m. Sunday, July 21, 2013.
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