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Super Tech-a-thon

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011
A growing circle of Bay Area "hackers" - the wunderkinds who fancy creation over computer cracking - will talk tech, swap blue-sky ideas and maybe even come up with "the next big thing" during a decidedly geek party known as SuperHappyDevHouse. On Feb. 19th, The Tech Museum becomes innovation central, hosting hundreds of programmers, designers and just about anyone else at the ultimate unconference that is fast catching on around the world as ground zero for technology's next great creation. After all, it was against a similar nerd backdrop in the mid-70s that the germs of ideas were planted for today's tech titans Apple Computer and Microsoft. "We wanted to rekindle the spirit of the Homebrew Computer Club gatherings from the 70's. It was a place of passion, learning, and inspiration around technology," said SuperHappyDevHouse co-founder Jeff Lindsay. The geek fest will include labs for the "DIY Bio Hacker," the "Mother of All Demos" in The Hackworth IMAX Dome Theater and a talk and Q&A by tech pioneer, sociologist and provocative author Ted Nelson. Nelson, who has worked for more than fifty years to make computers easily accessible to all people, invented computer hypertext - and coined the term in 1960. SuperHappyDevHouse's beginnings are more modern: Lindsay wanted to combine the fun and social atmosphere of LAN parties - where people would bring their desktop computer to play games on the local network together - with productive development time. That was May 2005. Today the informal gatherings are popping up in Boston, Phoenix, Miami, Zurich, Switzerland, Cologne, Germany, and Mexico - and they attract throngs of techies. Some come to learn a new computer language or platform for their personal websites. Others give "lightning talks," or five-minute presentations on current projects and recent innovations. Still others come just to socialize. The museum offers the perfect venue where people can whip up their creative energies with an eye toward innovation and collaboration, said museum president Peter Friess. "The Tech Museum endeavors to mirror the culture, mind set and the spirit of Silicon Valley that sets this institution apart from any other on earth," Friess said. "Hosting SuperHappyDevHouse at the museum is yet another opportunity for us to set at center stage the forward-thinking creators who inspire people and inventions." SuperHappyDevHouse Schedule 1:00pm: Registrations opens 1:00-5:00pm: Labs open for "DIY Bio Hacker" 5:15-7:00pm: "The Mother of All Demos" - IMAX theater 8:00-9:15pm: Lightning Talks - IMAX theater 9:30-10:00pm: Talk by Ted Nelson - IMAX theater 10:00-10:30pm: Q&A - IMAX theater 10:00pm-12:00am: "The Mother of All Demos" - New Venture Hall

For more information and to register, click: Contact: Roqua Montez Director Public Relations +1 (408) 795-6225 About The Tech Museum: The Tech Museum is a leading hands-on technology and science museum for people of all ages and backgrounds. The museum-located in the Capital of Silicon Valley - is a non-profit learning resource established to engage people in exploring and experiencing technologies affecting their lives. Through programs such as The Tech Challenge, our annual team design competition for youth, and internationally renowned programs such as The Tech Awards presented by Applied Materials, Inc., The Tech Museum celebrates the present and encourages the development of innovative ideas for a more promising future.