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The Tech Museum of Innovation Announces Results of Recent Record-Breaking BODY WORLDS 2 Exhibition

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008
The Tech Museum of Innovation, one of the nation's premier science and technology museums, today announced the results of its recent special exhibition, BODY WORLDS 2 & The Three Pound Gem, Gunther von Hagens' Anatomical Exhibition of Real Human Bodies, which opened on September 27, 2007, and closed on January 26, 2008. The exhibit attracted 286,314 visitors, over 40% of whom came from outside of the immediate Bay Area, and according to Team San Jose, had an economic impact of over $15,800,000 on the City of San Jose during its four-month run. Economic impact equates to spending which would not have otherwise occurred in San Jose. The City of San Jose and the San Jose Convention and Visitors Bureau/Team San Jose worked in partnership with The Tech to bring BODY WORLDS 2 to San Jose. During today's City Council meeting, Peter Friess, president of The Tech, presented Dan Fenton, President and CEO of the San Jose Convention & Visitors Bureau and Chairman of Team San Jose, with a check for $427,732.00, their portion of the revenue brought in by BODY WORLDS. Through a unique revenue sharing arrangement, all income remaining after reimbursement to the Institute for Plastination, creators of BODY WORLDS, was split between The Tech and Team San Jose, which granted The Tech exclusive use of the City's Parkside Hall facility during the exhibit. "World-class exhibitions offering unique, authentic, and high quality content are a critical part of a City's cultural and economic well-being," said Friess. "Our successful collaboration with the City and with Team San Jose around BODY WORLDS made San Jose the focal-point of a true 'happening'. We look forward to working together again to attract high-caliber traveling exhibitions that keep this great city the center of world-class content and experiences in Northern California." Besides attracting visitors and revenue to San Jose, BODY WORLDS also had a profound impact on the health education of its visitors. "BODY WORLDS helped thousands of people recognize that their most valuable asset is their health," said Frederick J. Ferrer, Chief Executive Officer of The Health Trust, the major BODY WORLDS helped thousands of people recognize that their most valuable asset is their health," said Frederick J. Ferrer, Chief Executive Officer of The Health Trust, the major sponsor of the exhibition. "One of the first steps in making Silicon Valley the healthiest region in America is increasing awareness of how to live a healthy life. BODY WORLDS gave us the opportunity to educate more than a quarter million people about their health, and many of them have told us that they are changing their behaviors as a result." Interactive health displays provided by The Health Trust offered exhibit visitors a chance to check their weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), and blood pressure. More than 70,000 people took advantage of the free screenings, and what some learned was not good news. About 17% had a blood pressure reading above 140/90, which is considered hypertensive, and 22% had a BMI over 28, classifying them as obese. "Almost 18,000 participated in a survey from The Health Trust as they left the exhibit area, and most were clearly inspired to do a better job in taking care of themselves," Ferrer said. "More than 85% pledged to develop healthy habits including improving their diet and increasing their exercise which would have long-term positive impact on the health of the individuals and this community." In March, The Tech will be opening a special exhibit called "nobel! 100 Years of the Nobel Prize" containing a presentation covering the life and work of Alfred Nobel, and portraits of outstandingly innovative holders of the Nobel Prize. BODY WORLDS 2 & The Three Pound Gem is now showing in Baltimore, MD. About The Health Trust The Health Trust is a nonprofit foundation that provides grants, services and advocacy to support its vision of Silicon Valley as the healthiest region in America. In January, The Health Trust announced a $30 million investment in three initiatives - Healthy Living, Healthy Aging, and Healthy Communities. For more information, visit About The Tech Museum of Innovation The Tech Museum of Innovation is a hands-on technology and science museum for people of all ages and backgrounds. Located in San Jose, California - the Capital of Silicon Valley - its mission, as a public-benefit corporation, is to inspire the innovator in everyone. Through hands-on exhibits, educational programs, the annual Tech Challenge team competition for youth, and the internationally recognized Tech Museum Awards, presented by Applied Materials, Inc., The Tech Museum of Innovation honors the past, celebrates the present, and encourages the development of innovative ideas for a more promising future. For more information about The Tech Museum of Innovation, visit Contacts: Lisa Croel The Tech 408-795-6219 Diane McNutt The Health Trust (408) 354-1242