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Techmanitarians lauded for humanitarian uses of technology around the world

The Tech Awards to salute 10 international laureates, pioneering health-care technologist Dean Kamen at renowned Silicon Valley gala

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013
SAN JOSE, CA – Each year, millions of newborns in the developing world begin life with severe jaundice, a critical neonatal health issue that can be toxic to the nervous system and potentially cause brain damage.
But an illuminating innovation aims to turn back the dreadful condition, child by child. Brilliance LED Phototherapy for Jaundice developed by not-for-profit D-Rev: Brilliance, and Phoenix Medical Systems of Chennai, India, uses an affordable LED device to cure jaundice. Already, more than 4,000 babies have been successfully treated.
For its efforts to use technology to tackle some of the world’s most formidable challenges, D-Rev: Brilliance, along with nine fellow international laureates, will come to Silicon Valley for a week-long stay and be recognized Thursday, Nov. 14, at the Santa Clara Convention Center during Silicon Valley's leading awards program, The Tech Awards, presented by Applied Materials.
“It’s not an overstatement to say that the future of humankind will rise or fall depending on our ability to find innovative answers to the problems we face,” said museum President Tim Ritchie. “Each of these extraordinarily talented laureates is an inspiration for all of us to follow as we continually search for ways to build brighter futures for ourselves and our communities.”
For the first time since the inception of the awards in 2001, The Tech Museum unveiled the 10 international laureates to the world in a hosted live Google+ Hangout On Air.  The full on-demand press conference can be accessed here:

This year, the laureates’ life-changing work reaches nearly every corner of the globe, from India to Mexico to Nigeria, and includes innovations that provide potable water, create educational centers for low-income youth and women, and efficiently manage recyclables collection. Since the inception of The Tech Awards program in 2001 a total of 257 laureates have been recognized, and their work impacts people in countries worldwide. 
“It is truly inspiring to see how the laureates’ incredible work is improving lives across the world,” said Mike Splinter, Executive Chairman of Applied Materials. “Applying technology in new and creative ways to solve humankind’s most pressing challenges demonstrates the amazing power of innovation and we congratulate this year’s honorees on their tremendous achievements.”
The renowned program brought together the museum, Applied Materials, and Santa Clara University, which manages the independent judging for The Tech Awards, in 2001 with the hope of unleashing the potential of technological innovation into concrete solutions for a better world.
As part of The Tech Awards, inventor and entrepreneur Dean Kamen will be honored with the James C. Morgan Global Humanitarian Award sponsored by Applied Materials. This award honors individuals whose broad vision and leadership help to alleviate humanity's greatest challenges. Kamen holds nearly 500 U.S. and foreign patents for medical devices that have expanded the frontiers of healthcare worldwide. He is also founder of FIRST®, a nonprofit organization dedicated to motivating youth to understand science and technology.
Kamen’s DEKA Research & Development Corporation is responsible for breakthrough inventions in medicine and clean energy in addition to providing research for major corporate clients. While an undergraduate, Kamen developed the first portable infusion device to deliver drug treatments that previously required round-the-clock hospital care. Through DEKA, Kamen developed a portable dialysis machine, a vascular stent, and the iBOT -- a motorized wheelchair that climbs stairs. Kamen also led teams in the development of devices such as the Segway® Human Transporter, an insulin pump for diabetics, portable energy and water purification devices for the developing world, and a prosthetic arm for maimed soldiers. 
Guest presenters at the 13th annual gala of The Tech Awards include Aldo Billingslea, Gala host, actor, professor; Richard Blanco, poet at President Obama’s 2013 inauguration; Fritjof Capra, physicist, systems theorist, author; and award-winning performing artists Myha’la Herrold and Mason Kimont. Hundreds of images from the world’s leading photojournalists and photo agencies will be shown on huge screens surrounding the audience, many on the theme of water to align with the work of this year’s honorees. 
Laureates of The Tech Awards 2013
Intel Environment
Antrix Corp./ ISRO:  Sujala Project    
Microsoft Education
Enova:  Learning and Innovation Network
Globaloria: Invent. Build. Share.
Katherine M. Swanson Young Innovator
OPI: Yo Propongo
Nokia Health
D-Rev: Brilliance 
Nazava Water Filters
Flextronics Economic Development
The Darfur Stoves Project
Kilimo Salama - Syngenta Foundation
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