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Thrill Seekers Wanted

Press Release Date 
Saturday, September 18, 2004
Hold on tight! "Scream Machines: The Science of Roller Coasters" zips through The Tech Museum September 18 through January 3, 2005. This head-spinning, stomach-churning exhibition combines rides, exhibits, artifacts and images to excite and educate the thrill seeker in all of us.

"There's a deep history of roller coaster innovations in Silicon Valley, and it's exciting to host this exhibit that helps guests understand the physics, but also get a better understanding for the psychology of thrill seeking," said Peggy Monahan, director of exhibit development for The Tech Museum of Innovation. "Scream Machines and our IMAX feature Thrill Ride make for a ride wild enough for any thrill seeker."

"Scream Machines: The Science of Roller Coasters" is a collection of mind and body-boggling experiences. We dare you to try:

· G-Force! – Climb aboard a modified bicycle mounted on the end of a pivoted arm and pedal it up – and around – the inside of an 18-foot loop. Feel the high Gs, low Gs, and free-fall for yourself.
· Tumble-vision – Cross a low bridge through a rotating tunnel and be overwhelmed by the sensation that the stationary bridge is tipping over. This simulator, like some used to train NASA astronauts, illustrates the power of perception.
· Revolver – Feel what it's like when a coaster hits a curve and your body wants to keep moving. In the Revolver, you'll explore how surprising simple motion can be.
· Stop Motion Strobe Room – Motion in a simulator or movie is created from a series of still images. Step inside our strobe room and chop up your motion into still images. How many pictures do you need for your brain to "see" motion|@
· Roller Derby – Balls rolling on tracks work just like roller coasters. Or do they|@ Race a pair of bowling balls – one rolling normally, the other gliding along on little wheels – through identical courses. What's the difference|@ Which is faster|@
· Build Your Own Coaster – Using modified Hot Wheelsä elements, you can design, build and test a roller coaster. Some of the world's best coaster "moves" will be pre-built for you to include – if you dare! Do you have the design smarts to keep the car on track|@

For an even higher adrenaline rush, catch Thrill Ride – The Science of Fun in our IMAX Dome Theater. This white-knuckle adventure will put you in the front seat of some of the wildest rides ever created.

Additional Information
"Scream Machines: The Science of Roller Coasters" at The Tech is sponsored by The Tech Emeritus Board and was created, and is circulated, by the Ontario Science Centre (OSC) in Toronto, Ontario.

Tickets to The Tech Museum of Innovation's galleries and IMAX are $9.50, $8 and $7 each for general admission, seniors and children, respectively. Combo tickets (galleries and one IMAX film) are available for $16, $15, $13 for general admission, seniors and children, respectively. The Tech is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm, and is also open on holiday Mondays.

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