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We want to share what inspires us, and what goes on behind the scenes here at The Tech Museum of Innovation. Our bloggers cover a variety of topics, ranging from museum activities to science and technology news. 
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  • by Emily Ramos on October 2, 2014
    Registration is now open for Hack My Ride: VTA's Transportation Idea Jam​! This hackathon will convene programmers, developers, artists, technologists, data analysts, commuters and transit users to imagine how enhanced technology and tools could... Read More
  • by Rebekah Nelson on August 27, 2014
    We had a blast at the recent Modernist Cuisine Live event! Great food, awesome drinks and interesting discussion- but the best part, for me at least, was our Spherification activity! Guests got to experiment with this simple molecular gastronomy... Read More
  • by Makercorps Members on August 19, 2014
    When you think about circuits, adorable and huggable doesn’t usually come to mind.  However, it did this past weekend at Makerspace @ The Tech’s soft circuit plush toy workshop.       Participants learned to create soft circuits using LEDs and... Read More
  • by Makercorps Members on August 19, 2014
    The final drop-in Makerspace Program welcomed guests to Makelandia State Park, where they would clean up the creek with mechanical grabbers they would make. The following was the commercial used to invite visitors to the Park. Upon entering the park... Read More
  • by Makercorps Members on August 3, 2014
    Guests were recruited to deliver cupcakes to beachgoers at The Tech’s Beach Resort. The Beach Report is known as a windy place, enabling deliverers to utilize the wind to deliver the cupcakes. As you can see, the cupcake was very tempting; 3D... Read More