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Bay Area Science Festival is here!

  • by Bridget Rigby on October 27, 2013
    We’re very excited the 3rd annual Bay Area Science Festival is finally here.
    To kick off this year’s festival, our Tech team went up to the Exploratorium for their pumpkin carving tinkering social club. Here’s Ryan from The Tinkering Studio behind all the pumpkins.

    The Tinkering Studio was filled with people carving pumpkins and lighting them up with LEDs – both on the inside and designing pumpkin circuits with copper tape on the outside.
    A couple of my favorites, Dia-de-los Pumpkin and a fun-loving math professor made Pumpkin Pi!:

    The Tech’s first festival event is tonight in The Tech Studio, where our exhibits team will be taking a group behind the scenes our new Social Robots exhibit. They’ll learn about our exhibit design process – from how we prototyped ideas for social robots with museum guests to how we built the input/output blocks.

    Later in the week, we’ll be celebrating Halloween Jedi-style, with our Jedi Nights party. Guests will get to visit the Star Wars exhibition, and then engage in Star Wars-themed science, art, and technology activities throughout the museum. We really hope the family from the Verizon commercial shows up!

    Finally, we’ll be joining many other innovative science & technology learning organizations at AT&T Park for the grand finale of the festival on Saturday, November 3. Festival goers can experience our Skywalker Writing program where they’ll get to build hovercrafts with LEDs attached and use “The Force” to test them in our light painting booth that captures their craft’s technological tracks.

    There are 50 different events throughout the Bay Area leading up to AT&T Park, from a Nerd Night at Sea on the USS Hornet to an event at NASA with astronaut Chris Hadfield, moderated by Mythbuster Adam Savage. To learn more about all festival events visit:

    Bridget Rigby is the Director of Learning at The Tech Museum of Innovation