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The Creative Flow of Making

  • by Bridget Rigby on April 24, 2014

    Join us for Open Make @ The Tech: Flow this Saturday, April 26, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

    We're bringing together a great group of Makers, all who’ve inspired us by doing innovative things with circuits and electrical flow – the basis of many of the greatest technological innovations! Through a Maker showcase and Meet-the-Makers talks, they’ll share their cool innovations, their passions and process for making, and how they get into their creative flow as they make. 
    The state of flow, when you're playing so deeply in your passions that you lose track of all space and time, not only leads to many great innovations, but also makes people happy. The happiest people have aligned their passions with productive play, and learned to effectively tap into flow in their lives. Making is a really great way to tap into that flow. That’s the power behind the Maker movement, the deep satisfaction that comes from working with your hands to turn your ideas into physical and digital reality.
    And the creative, positive, solution-based mindset that’s developed along the way! You’ll meet many Makers at Open Make: Flow that model that “Maker mindset”, from Young Makers working on projects for Maker Faire to Makers that have turned their passion-driven projects into new products and started their own companies.

    A few Maker highlights:

    The Young Makers of The Grid: They started a very ambitious project last year to create a life-sized version of the Flow Free app, that’s since become a massive 64-square grid game development platform. We were lucky to get to see their project develop at last year’s Young Makers sessions at The Tech. They got a good part of that grid and the game functionality going for last year’s Bay Area Maker Faire, but they didn’t stop there. To achieve their full project vision, they crowd-funded their way to World Maker Faire in New York and finished their project. Through the process, they’ve discovered they can program a greater level of gaming functionality than they ever imagined. As you can see above, people definitely get into their flow when they play!

    Maker Corps Members
    , past and present:
    They’ll lead the next iteration of Switch It Up!, one of the favorite programs from last summer’s Makerspace @ The Tech. One of our Maker Corps Members from last year will be back to lead this program, which she’s since taken in some cool new directions through her work at Children’s Creativity Museum in San Francisco. She’ll be teaming up with one of our new Maker Corps Members to lead you through creative paper switch making to power video games. Watch out for sharks!

    The Makers behind LightUp Learning: LightUp combines an electronics construction kit with an interactive augmented-reality app to help kids learn the fundamentals of technology and empower them to create their own electronic devices. They created LightUp as a project at Stanford’s TLTL (Transformative Learning Technologies Lab), and last year won a big award at Make’s Hardware Innovation Summit leading up to Maker Faire. Their earliest LightUp prototypes were tested with guests at The Tech, so it’s perfectly fitting that they’re bringing the products they actually shipped after their very successful Kickstarter campaign back to The Tech to showcase.

    Learn more about all the Makers showcasing and leading programs at Open Make: Flow. We hope you’ll get to come meet these flow-tapping Makers, see their cool innovations, tinker with circuits and electronics, and tap into your own creative flow at The Tech this Saturday!

    Bridget Rigby is the Director of Learning at The Tech Museum of Innovation