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Holiday Program Innovation at The Tech

  • by Bridget Rigby on December 23, 2013
    There was so much innovation at The Tech a few weekends ago for Thanksgiving weekend. We brought back some of our favorite programs, but re-skinned Turkey-style!

    Guests built flying machines, just like in Ready, Set, Fly!, our very popular Hands-On Science Workshop program, but this time they had to add a stuffed turkey and factor that extra weight into their flight designs.

    For Turkeys Take Flight, our team developed a new parts systems with cardboard and Velcro too, that allowed guests to make flying machines much faster and iterate more!

    At the end of the runway where the flying turkey machines were being launched, we put a giant image of an open oven on the wall for the turkeys to fly right into.
    We started with Oven 1.0, and then on Thanksgiving day one of our colleagues was inspired to make it 3D with flames that light up and move around. That’s when Oven 2.0 came into reality! 

    We also brought back one of the favorites from this summer’s Makerspace with Paper Engineering, but this time we dropped turkeys of various weights onto guests' paper structures to see if they were strong enough to Save the Squash!
    Guests came up with so many innovative designs for both Turkey-themed programs.
    For the winter holidays, we’re bringing back these 2 programs, but this time in holiday style – Flying Fruitcakes & Candy Cane Crunch. Fruitcakes will be launched and guests will design paper structures to protect candy canes from the weight of falling presents.
    Holiday programs run through Sunday, January 5, every day but Christmas Day.
    Design and build yourselves a very happy holiday at The Tech!

    Bridget Rigby is the Director of Learning at The Tech Museum of Innovation