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Makerspace @ The Tech: Maker Kenny's Reflections

  • by Makercorps Members on August 30, 2013
    This past summer at The Tech exceeded all of my wildest expectations. 

    It was a blast prototyping Makerspace activities alongside Lindsay Balfour, Bridget Rigby, and Jessica Henricks. Every week we were making something new and exciting. Whether it was making slingshots, rockets, UFOs, or paper structures, it was all a terrific learning experience.

    I came into the summer with several goals. I wanted to inspire guests to become makers. I wanted to encourage iteration. I wanted to display technology as a creative tool. And I wanted to share genuine, fun experiences with visitors.

    I am proud to say that I believe Lindsay and I exceeded all these goals with our Makerspace floor activities. But I think we may have gotten at something even deeper.

    When I started this summer at The Tech I was terrified by the idea of creating a brand new floor activity each week. It felt like there were so many expectations. It felt like a massive amount of pressure. I was scared of being a failure.

    As the summer progressed, Lindsay and I started to gain momentum. Each week began to flow into the next, and we were pulling new workshops off left and right. It wasn't easy, and it required plenty of failure, but we were doing it and guests were responding well!

    As the weeks passed by, I began to have this beautiful realization. Each week as guests were participating in our activities, which required plenty of failure and iteration, they were building their own maker-confidence, and I was building my own confidence as a facilitator. This became an amazing symbiotic relationship of growth.

    Words can't express how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to grow this summer at The Tech. 

    I want to lend a big thank you to the thousands of visitors that came and participated! I also want to lend a big thank you to all the staff and volunteers that helped make Makerspace @ The Tech possible this summer.

    As for me, I am headed back to school to finish my final year of college at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. I look forward to coming back to The Tech sometime in the future! If you're interested in keeping up with my personal work, you can on my portfolio website:

    Kenneth Guglielmino was a residential Maker Corps Member over the summer here at The Tech Museum of Innovation.