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Makerspace @ The Tech: MaKey CollaboThon

  • by Makercorps Members on July 30, 2013
    This past week at Makerspace we challenged guests to the ultimate collaborative game!

    The game was called The MaKey MaKey Chain Chain Game and visitors were asked to divide into teams and compete against each other to complete the most circuits within 60 seconds. When targets lit up on our scoreboard, teams had to stretch across The Tech Studio to complete the corresponding circuit. 

    In order to complete these circuits, visitors had to join together in massive human chains. When human chains were not long enough, guests used an array of tinfoiled objects as conductive extenders. 

    Guests were amazed by the fact that electricity could pass through all of their bodies to complete a circuit.

    Guests were also surprised by how much physical exertion The MaKey MaKey Chain Chain Game required. One mother even excitedly explained, "I would have never expected to break a sweat at The Tech! But I'm glad I did".

    We used a MaKey MaKey and the programming language called Processing to design our game. For more information about the MaKey MaKey check here, and for more information on the programming language check here

    Kenneth Guglielmino and Lindsay Balfour are the residential Maker Corps members here at The Tech.