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Makerspace @ The Tech: Paper Engineering

  • by Makercorps Members on July 23, 2013
    The past week at Makerspace was a smashing success!

    We challenged guests to engineer strong and durable structures using only paper and masking tape. Visitors were amazed by the strength that could be created by simply rolling papers and folding triangles.

    Structures were put to the ultimate test when challenged to protect ice cream cones from various falling weights (also made out of paper)!

    Guests would count down " 3, 2, 1 … ice cream!" and watch in peril as the weights came crashing down. When paper structures were crushed by the weights, explosion sounds were triggered by a pressure sensor and Arduino.

    One girl named her structure "The Wawesome Pyramid". She explained to us that "Wawesome" was a new word she invented that meant both weird and awesome! Not only did she get a Maker Kenny high five for having the most creative structure name, but she also got a high five for beating all the paper weight drops. 

    One family's structure was so strong it was able to hold up Maker Lindsay's full weight!

    Come stop by Makerspace again next week for even more funtertainment and wawesomeness!

    Kenneth Guglielmino and Lindsay Balfour are the residential Maker Corps members here at The Tech.