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Makerspace @ The Tech: Patriotic Projectiles

  • by Makercorps Members on July 9, 2013
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA! Makerspace celebrated the first week of July glamouring the sky with red, white, and blue projectiles! 

    Guests were invited to paper craft their own rockets and use our patriotic launchers to send their rockets in flight. After countdown, surprise firework sound effects littered the air from an electronic pressure sensor connected to an arduino under the bottle launcher! Crackle, Crackle, POP! Visitors were astounded as they watched their stomp rockets fly, float, or flutter in the sky! 

    Some guests iterated and reiterated their rocket designs based off their launch. Visitors would re-engineer the rocket cone tips, tape up holes, lighten the load with less decorations, or snip off long streamers creating too much drag on launch! 

    An unexpected event also happened when some kids took their Patriotic Projectile to the Hands On workshop and animated it on as an automata! Super creative!

    If you want instructions on how to make your own PVC launchers and paper rockets check it out here.

    3, 2, 1 ... BLAST OFF! 

    Kenneth Guglielmino and Lindsay Balfour are the residential Maker Corps members here at The Tech.