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Makerspace @ Tech Tech: Stars, Stripes, and Switches!

  • by Makercorps Members on July 17, 2014

    To celebrate our nation’s independence, the Maker Corps Members’ second program invited guests to become pyrotechnicians for the day by launching virtual fireworks.


    Guests created switchboards in order to launch the virtual fireworks. They learned basic circuit design by exploring different conductive materials in order to make their switches.

    To launch the fireworks, guests then attach their switchboard to the baseboard, which is connected to the Makey Makey. The Makey Makey is connected to a computer where a preset program on Scratch enabled guests to launch the fireworks.

    The following image is an infograph guests used to see the overall picture. They were able to see an overall diagram of what their switchboard was connected to.

    Makey Makey is an electronic platform that can transform any object into a touch pad. It is accessible to anyone of any age and skillset. The Makey Makey resembles a game controller, where each button represents a key on a computer’s keyboard (i.e.. space bar, left arrow, right arrow, up arrow, and down arrow). For Stars, Stripes, and Switches!, they were connected to a online computer program called Scratch.

    Scratch is a free online computer program designed to teach basic coding language. Users can develop anything from games to science experiments to music outlets. Just like the Makey Makey, Scratch is accessible to anyone of any age and skillset. Combined with the Makey Makey creates an unforgettable experience with limitless bounds for innovation.

    Lauren Cage and Jose Seneris are the residential Maker Corp Members at The Tech Museum of Innovation.