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Makerspace @ The Tech: Wild Wild Tech

  • by Makercorps Members on August 21, 2013
    Our final Makerspace for the summer was a wild finale!

    This past week at Makerspace guests were able to partake in two activities at our Wild Wild Tech cardboard carnival. As our finale, we asked guests to create a ping pong ball launcher and take aim at inflatable paper targets they also made! 

    First, visitors built, iterated, and reiterated their own ping pong projectile launchers then put them to the test at our practice range. When testing the launcher, guests began to see how is to fulfill design challenges such as holding the ping pong ball, being able to aim straight, and the power of each launch. One young girl stayed the entire 2 hours to make sure her slingshot was more powerful than the last. 

    After iterating slingshots, catapults, and launchers, guests made paper inflatable targets to fit on our target gallery range. Guests were then able to take aim at their own paper targets. The gallery was a gathering of creative paper inflatables! Examples include Evil Tofu, a waffle, a banana, an alien, a spinning target flower, a "Don't Hit Me" sign, and more! 

    Thank you everyone for coming out this summer and MAKING the Makerspace at the Tech a success! 

    Kenneth Guglielmino and Lindsay Balfour are the residential Maker Corps members here at The Tech.