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Notebook Hacking Bonanza

  • by Rebekah Nelson on July 7, 2014
    What if your notebook wasn’t limited to just written content? What if you could electrify your journal? What would you create if you had the power to add circuits to paper? Last weekend, we investigated these questions and the world of 21st Century Notebooking with the amazing folks from NEXMAP and CV2. Armed with copper tape and LED stickers, guests tinkered and explored the world of paper circuitry to create personalized light-up notebooks. 

    Some of our paper-circuit masters developed complex switches, like this amazing chain-reaction circuit pictured below, while others created custom power leads for in-notebook battery packs.

    Everyone developed amazing circuits, but my favorite part of the workshop was all of the incredible collaboration! Whether it was between family members or friends, or just table-mates, the team-hacking-spirit was very present. 

    I can’t wait to see what everyone creates on Hack Your Notebook Day, coming up this Wednesday, July 9th! If you want to get involved with Hack Your Notebook Day, check out NEXMAP’s 21st Century Notebooking for participating locations, tutorials, material info, and lots more!

    Happy hacking everyone!

    Rebekah Nelson is the Programs Development Lead at The Tech Museum of Innovation