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Startup Weekend Bay Area Makers Recap

  • by Emily Ramos on July 18, 2014
    This past weekend, The Tech hosted makers, hackers, and entrepreneurs to build new startups using DIY enabling technology such as 3D printers and Arduinos. 

    Check out the photos from the event.

    More photos can be found here.

    Who had the top idea?

    Best Overall and Audience Favorite: FloraSense. They built a device that permits professional plant growers and vineyards to assess their plants' health by looking at how it processes light.

    Best Execution: ActivTraq. Their wearable motion sensor can track any type of activity. They put together a great team and had a fully working prototype by the end of the weekend.

    Best Business model: vSense. This team of two made a connected car alarm. They want to sell them to insurance companies so they could get better data and lower the price of insurance policies.

    Best Customer validation: SafeButton. They made a connected personal emergency button. They were able to adapt their plans after collecting user feedback during the weekend.

    What were people saying about Bay Area Makers Startup Weekend?

     "I think the best part of Startup Weekend was how willing and excited everyone was to connect with each other. The highlight of the weekend for me was getting to meet other people who are working with Enabling the Future, a community that 3D prints prosthetic hands for children. I loved getting to talk to others who care about the same things I do, which is kind of what the event is all about!"
    - Claire Gutermuth, The Tech Studio Intern

    "This is the most unique Startup Weekend I've been part of, both in terms of the makers theme and location inside of a vibrant museum. I was impressed by what the teams were able to accomplish in such a short amount of time and present on Sunday's Tech Faire showcase. It was great to expose the museum visitors to Startup Weekend and maker movement that we normally would not be able to reach."
    - Jason Hsiao, organizer for Bay Area Makers Startup Weekend

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