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A Summer o' Making at The Tech

  • by Bridget Rigby on June 18, 2013
    Maker Faire was a flying success!

    The Tech’s Ready, Set, Fly! booth was full of flight innovation, launches, and laughter. One young Maker iterated on her flying machine 32 times. Now that’s a Tech record. A father and son team both designed flying machines that kept crashing. After 3 launches and crashes each, rather than getting discouraged they had the stroke of collaborative family genius to combine their 2 designs into one plane. It flew 2 times further than either one flew alone! Here’s a picture of the happy father and son design team with their family after their momentous final flight of the weekend, forever to go down in Tech history.

    We also got 2 educator’s choice and an Editor’s choice ribbon, which made this Learning Director very happy!

    It was so great to see all the Young Makers with their final projects, especially after having the opportunity to watch their projects develop from idea to reality all spring in the Open Make Plussing Sessions.
    The Mermaid makers who presented at Open Make: Wearable Tech this spring, splashing around in the underwater ROV tank and sunning themselves, post-swim in front of the Young Makers booth.

    Saphira, the fire-breathing dragon that first led me to Young Makers. I’d met her after she was dreamed up, designed, and built by Team Viper years ago, and this year she was repurposed and innovated upon by one of our new Young Makers groups. She’s never looked and sounded better.

    So cool to see Team Viper’s latest flight innovation too: The Viper 2.0, after they’d presented the project at Open Make: Flight.

    Now that we’re back from Maker Faire, the Maker happenings continue this summer as our Maker Corps members lead Makerspace @ The Tech prototyping sessions in The Tech Studio. Sessions will be held throughout the summer from 1:00-3:00pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from June 18-August 17.
    Maker Education Initiative has been working with 100+ Maker Corps members in an 8-week development camp this spring as they prepare to send them to many different Makerspaces all over the country for a summer of making, prototyping, and learning. We’re thrilled they’re coming to The Tech!
    Maker Corps is getting lots of national attention, even from President Obama at this year’s White House Science Fair.
    This summer, our Maker Corps members will be tinkering with some of our favorite Maker technologies, from MaKey MaKey that turns bananas into pianos or video game joysticks to Squishy Circuits that turns Play-Doh into colorful circuit-building tools. They'll be innovating with new Maker programs and technologies every week, starting with Squishy Circuits.

    We're very happy to introduce Maker Kenny and Maker Lindsay, The Tech’s fabulous Maker Corps members. Kenny is from University of the Arts in Philadelphia. He’s an Arduino master who loves to make art and technology that lights up and makes cool sounds. Lindsay comes from MakerWorks, a Makerspace in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She’s now getting into electronics herself and comes to us with an expertly-folded paper engineering background.
    With their passions, talents, and positive energy, we can’t wait to see what cool programs and innovations they’ll come up with together this summer. Meet Lindsay and Kenny, decked out in their feather glue gun boas – the latest tool for the 21st century innovator!

    Join Lindsay and Kenny to help MaKey MaKey it a great summer at The Tech!

    Bridget Rigby is the Director of Learning at The Tech Museum of Innovation