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A Week To Remember

  • by Talance Orme on April 29, 2013
    This past week at The Tech Museum of Innovation we celebrated National Volunteer Recognition Week.  From Sunday through Saturday our volunteers were served up a bounty of treats and goodies from different departments to let them know how much they are appreciated.  This past Friday, April 26th we capped off the week with our Annual Recognition Dinner for our volunteers.  At the dinner we featured a horse drawn carriage at the entry way, chuck wagon themed food, cowboy decorations, and more!   The Operations department got dressed in our best Wild, Wild, West costumes and even our president Tim Ritchie was transformed into the marshal.

    Our volunteers at The Tech mean a lot to us and this week we got to show them just a snippet of how much.  This was our way to thank them for their contributions both big and small.  These contributions of time are admired, appreciated and needed as we continue to inspire the innovator in everyone.

    In life when you are trying to find a job you are hoping that when you drop off your resume & hopefully receive an interview that you will get chosen.  The beauty of volunteering is that our volunteers choose The Tech because they truly enjoy interacting with the groups of kids and families that come here as well as their co-volunteers and staff.  We are grateful that our volunteers have chosen The Tech. 

    I also wanted to thank the many departments that helped make Volunteer Recognition Week and the Volunteer Recognition Dinner a successful event and one that we will always remember.