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Why a “Resource for Innovation?”

  • by Tim Ritchie on June 14, 2013
    In my last post, I described where The Tech is heading in the next few years. We are focusing all our efforts on becoming a resource for innovation. We are creating exhibits and programs that offer visitors challenges, tools and materials designed to unleash the innovator in them.
    But why are we doing these things? Why not settle for being a fine teaching institution (like most museums), or a place for entertainment (as some museums are opting to become)?
    The reason is this: the future of humankind will rise or fall with our ability to find innovative solutions to the problems we face. Can our planet sustain life for 9,000,000,000 people? Not without innovative ways to provide clean water, sufficient food and abundant energy. Can our education system keep up with the demands of a technological age? Not without innovative approaches to learning. Can our medical systems keep up with an aging world? Not without innovative advances in medicine.
    So…… What can The Tech do to invigorate innovation? Our hope is that, in the next five years or so, we will become the coolest, most robust and most beloved hacker space on the planet. Our hope is that people of all ages will come to The Tech when they want to solve a problem, launch a project, have a tech meet-up or get their “inner-innovator” batteries recharged. They will come to us because we will have created a space that meets those needs. If we do that, we will have become what The Tech was created to be, and what our young people, community and world need us to be.

    Tim Ritchie is the President of The Tech Museum of Innovation.