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We want to share what inspires us, and what goes on behind the scenes here at The Tech Museum of Innovation. Our bloggers cover a variety of topics, ranging from museum activities to science and technology news. 
Looking for something specific? Blog entries are organized by category and author—see list to the right. We invite you to share your thoughts.
  • by Scott Hamman on April 3, 2014
    The principal of the International School of Monterey, Catherine Glick, was looking for programs outside of her community which had a competitive element. She proposed The Tech Challenge  to teacher Elizabeth Mayer, who incorporated it into her... Read More
  • by Abby Longcor on March 26, 2014
    What does it mean to fail?  Is failure a final verdict or an opportunity for improvement?  We believe failure is at the heart of great innovation.  As teams work to construct their devices and prepare for our final event on April 12 and 13 they... Read More
  • by Talance Orme on March 19, 2014
    On April 12th and 13th we will host one of our signature programs The Tech Challenge. This event is one that is near and dear to The Tech as we get to witness inspiration and innovation all around us. At the heart of this event is a group of... Read More
  • by Rebekah Nelson on March 15, 2014
    Over the course of our TechSaber workshop I have heard countless guests ask how to re-create this experience at home. You asked, and we listened. I am happy to present the much anticipated guide for creating a TechSaber at home! Feel free to explore... Read More
  • by Tim Ritchie on March 11, 2014
    For anyone interested in seeing more women in computer science, there is a thread of hope running through Mike Cassidy's recent series. The articles suggest that women are attracted to computer science if they first see what difference coding can... Read More