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Maker: Leif Maginnis, Los Angeles, CA

ArtStrobe is an interactive, kinetic light sculpture. You can create a variety of patterns by twisting two knobs that control the brightness and frequency of strobe lights.
How Does It Work
ArtStrobe creates its colorful patterns by spinning a flat circular panel of wood that is covered in fluorescent-colored shapes. Ultraviolet strobe lights are aimed at the circular panel and rings of bright fluorescent patterns emerge. The user can change these patterns by turning two dials mounted near ArtStrobe. The dial on the left changes the strobe lights’ duty cycle or brightness; the dial on the right changes the strobe lights’ frequency or how quickly the lights flash.
Leif describes how ArtStrobe developed:
My discovery of the idea for the ArtStrobe was unexpected. The project I was working on at the time was not art-related. I was working with shortwave UV lights and UV LEDs. I had a UV light array that was pulsing and I had a piece of cardboard with fluorescent ink patterns painted on the surface. As I passed the cardboard under the pulsing light, I noticed these elaborate colored light patterns appear from the fluorescent ink. I thought this was amazing and quickly set out to make a spinning prototype to test out the discovery.
About the Maker
Leif trained as a painter and industrial designer and worked for years in the television and film industry creating electromechanical props and other special effects. Leif is interested in creating art that is experiential, interactive and may bring about a state of trance in the viewer much like watching a fire.