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Big Ball Maze Game

Maker: David Thomasson, Fairfax, CA

Big Ball Maze Game is an update to a traditional maze and ball game. With this game, you use a hand or foot controller to guide a ball through a circular maze.
How Does It Work
You have a choice of two controllers: a hand or foot controller. Turn on a controller by clicking its red button. When the button is on, red lights circle the button when the controller is active. Click the red button again to turn the controller off. You can only use one controller at a time.
Hand Controller
Tilt the hand controller back and forth to move the circular maze. The maze mimics the movement of the controller.
Foot Controller
Stand on the foot controller and move your weight back and forth— the foot controller tilts back and forth, so you’ll need to maintain your balance. Just like the hand controller, the maze mimics the movement of the foot controller. The hand controller tends to be easier to use than the foot controller; you’ll probably need to practice a little to master the foot controller’s interface.
About the Maker
David works at AutoDesk in San Francisco. He likes “how people and machines are becoming friends.”