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Here is a list of our sources for this HyperTech exhibit. It includes both on- and off-line materials. Remember, nothing beats a good book.

*Search Engines
*Color Web Sites
*WWW Sources for the Latest Technology


We use a lot of books to research the subjects we present in the HyperTech. Here is a (growing) list used for Make a Splash with Color:


Anderson, L.W. Light and Color. Milwaukee: Raintree Childrens Books, 1978.

Cony, Sue. Colors. N.Y.: McClanahan Book Co., 1991.

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Color and Light: Step-by-step science activity projects from the Smithsonian Institution. Milwaukee, Wis.: G. Stevens, 1993.

Light, Color and Lenses. N.Y.: Glouchester Press, 1993.

The Physics and Chemistry of Color: the 15 causes of color. A Wiley-Interscience publication. N.Y.: Wiley, 1983.

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Color in reproduction: Theory and techniques for artists and designers. N.Y.: Viking Press, 1980.

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Search Engines

Because there is no single index for the ever-changing World Wide Web, we use various searching tools and subject indexes to find information about color.
*Inktomi Web Services

Color Web Sites

Here are a few of the color sites we use as a jumping off point when we go exploring the Web for new information.

Color Information

Color Demos and More

WWW Sources for the Latest Technology

There are a few journals and services that one can browse, to look for the latest news on technology. Here are a few useful places.
*The Technology Review
*MIT's Technology Review
*Digital Pulse
*Reuters Tech News
*Popular Mechanics
*San Jose Mercury News
If you know of other good sources of robotics information, write to webmaster@thetech.org. Thanks!