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Make a Splash with Color



Talking about Color


*Favorite Hues
*Hue Make the Call
*How Hue Affects an Image
*Experimenting with Hue and Images


*Experimenting with Saturation
*How Saturation Affects an Image
*Experimenting with Saturation and Images


*Experimenting with Brightness
*How Brightness Affects an Image
*Experimenting with Brightness and Images

Let's Go Wild!

*Hue First
*Experimenting with Hue and Saturation
*Your Hue and Saturation Results
*Brightness and the Color Circle
*Your Turn to Go Wild!

The Lighter Side of Color

*Visible spectrum
*White fron Red, Green, and Blue
*Mixing Green and Blue
*Mixing Red and Green
*Mixing Red and Blue

Filters and Dyes

*Filtering Magenta Light
*Filtering Green Light
*Filtering on Paper
*Two in a Row
*Combining Dyes on Paper

Glowing Dyes

Sources of Light

*Common Light Sources
*Lighting Changes Colors
*Now They Match


*Light Bouncing off Mirrors
*Bouncing off Bumpy Surfaces
*Light Bouncing off Paper

An Eye on Color

Inside Your Eyeball

*Seeing Color and Black and White
*Special Cells in Your Eye
*Special Cells for Dim Light

How We See

*Blind Spots

How Do Animals See Color?


Thank You

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