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Experimenting with Hue and Saturation

Combining Hue, Sautration, and Color When we talked about hue we said that hue values are between 0 and 360 degrees because they are frequently laid out around a circle.

If we lay them out around a circle and also increase the saturation as we move away from the center, we get the circle shown below. Like before, the hue changes as we go around the circle. But now, the colors also get more saturated as you move towards the edge of the circle. In the center they are very faded; near the outside of the circle they are very pure.

Enter a hue and saturation or select a color on the circle.

You'll get back several rectangles of the hue you selected each with a different saturation, and several rectangles of the saturation you selected each with a different hue.

Hue:   Saturation: