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Exhibit developed for the Tech Museum of Innovation
by EPIC: Electronic Publishing Instructional Curriculum
at the University of California, Santa Cruz

All graphics and animations copyright the design team.
Photos copyright as indicated

Marti Atkinson, Instructor
Robert Kuhn, Team Leader
David Pauling, Content Specialist

Design Team

  • Cassie Ferguson
  • Brant Herrett
  • Robert Kuhn
  • Jonah Peretti
  • Jacob Sarasohn
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  • hummingbird, flower, cat dog, faces on index2.html
  • Marti Atkinson
  • children's faces, scientist's hands, sequencing gel
  • Robert Kuhn
  • phonebook helix
  • Craig Rosa
  • hands
  • Jacob Sarasohn and Marti Atkinson
  • skin micrograph
  • Micron Biosystems