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STS-82 and Hubble Space Telescope Links:

The NASA Shuttle Web

This is the one-stop information center for the STS-82 mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope. If you're looking for the official homepage for the mission, it's here. Highlights include up to the minute updates, mission images, and excellent background material.

The Space Telescope Science Institute

The amount of information presented here is truly breathtaking. Find everything from sample proposals to use the Hubble, to actual instruction manuals for many of the real instruments. Check out their Educational Activities link, which contains their excellent online Hubble Space Telescope exhibit, Amazing Space.

Goddard Space Flight Center

An excellent place to get familiar with how the people use and control the Hubble Space Telescope from Earth. You can even find out what tools the astronauts will be carrying on their Space Walks!

Kennedy Space Flight Center

From this site, you can access a variety of useful information relating to Space Shuttle launches, processing, countdown and status. A very convenient and easy to use site for getting launch information and details.

Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp

You might know Ball as a producer of jelly jars, but did you know they are also responsible for making many of Hubble's instruments, new and old. COSTAR, GHRS, STIS, and NICMOS to name a few, all were created here. If you want the real details on each of these, as well as next generation instruments planned for 1999, this is the spot.

NASA Press releases and daily info.

Astronaut Biographies

Who are the women and men we send into Space? Who's a candidate? What missions have which astronauts? You can even find info on the Russian Cosmonauts. Great pictures, too.

Space Telescope European Coordinating Facility

Space Exploration in our time is truly a world-wide effort. Here's where to go to find out what's happening for the STS-82 mission in Europe. Has particularly good information on each of the new instruments going into the shuttle on this mission.



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