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Mission Overview

In His Own Words
The mission as seen by
NASA Astronaut Steve Smith
STS-82 Mission Specialist

What’s the primary goal of the mission?

The primary purpose of our visit to Hubble is to upgrade its scientific capability. Right now it’s this marvelous machine that has 1970s technology. So it’s incredible to think the findings that it has discovered are based on old technology. I’ll talk a little bit more about that later. But the new technology we’re going to put in is just incredible. That’s kind of the main purpose of the mission.

What's the schedule?

The first 3 days are spent catching up to Hubble, checking out the robotic arm and checking out the space suits and basically rendezvousing with Hubble. Then we’ll be with Hubble for 6 days. The first day, it will be in the payload bay, and we’ll grab it with the arm. And then 4 days of space walks, nominally. And then the 6th day of operations, we’ll actually deploy it again. Then we’ll have a day off to reconfigure the shuttle and stow everything, and then we’ll come home.

So that’s kind of an overview of the whole thing.

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