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Bartz is Bartz

March 30, 1997

Use the clues below or read the interview to solve this crossword puzzle.

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3 If Bartz had to choose a different career, she'd be a _____ 1 Russian royalty of times past
4 Produced the 1620, first computer Bartz used 2 Bartz feels she isn't _____ enough to run for office
6 Country with a much longer school year that the U.S. 5 'Catching things before they hit the ground'
8 'If you don't _____ , you don't know the degrees of success' 7 She is CEO of this company
10 Her favorite subject in school 9 '_____ is a whole series of steps'
11 If reborn as another life form, she'd come back as a _____ 12 Priority number one, can't live without it
13 Popular and enduring girl's mystery book series
14 Bartz' home state