An Interview with Nolan Bushnell

Scheinman: You focus on games a lot...
Bushnell: Games have always been important to me. I played tournament chess in college. I play tournament Go currently. I love challenges; I like puzzles and enigmas, and I've just always been a gamer. To be able to blend that with your life I think is just very, very lucky.

I love challenges; I like puzzles and enigmas, and I've just always been a gamer.
Scheinman: You do so many gaming things for pleasure. What else do you do for recreation?
Bushnell: I have 8 children, and they keep me very busy. As the old saying goes, they keep you young and make you old. As an example, I'm nursing a sprained finger that I got roller blading... they got me on snowboarding, and it's kind of fun to be the oldest guy on a snowboard.
Gemperlein: Did you get good grades in high school?
Bushnell: I got pretty good grades in high school, but I got terrible grades in college. I just had too many things going on. I was running a couple of businesses. I was manager of the amusement park. I was a member of a fraternity. There just were not enough hours in the day, and so something had to suffer and I think that was primarily homework and class attendance.
Scheinman: Do you ever feel like you could always be doing something more? Not that you should be, but that you wanted to?
Bushnell: Absolutely. In fact, right now I have 15 projects that I would like to be able to be working on in some way. And the projects, the problem with having a lot of experience, you kind of see how every one of the projects can be charted, plotted, planned, moved forward. And yet you know if you try to do everything, you end up doing nothing. And so it's a matter of selective application. But I've got some that are just really fun that I would like to spend some time on.