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Rollin' Nolan

January 19, 1997

Use the clues below or read the interview to solve this crossword puzzle.

5 He predicts a major wave of this technology within 50 years. 1 Favored sci-fi TV show.
7 Mouse Mascot for his former pizza empire. 2 Company that rejected his job applications early on.
9 In 1970, he created the video game 'Computer _________ '. 3 What he drove as a teenager.
12 He nearly blew up his garage as kid with a __________. 4 Ancient strategy game from Japan, his favorite.
13 Bushnell played with ____ radio as a kid. 6 Bushnell plays this kingly game in tournaments.
14 ' __________ is that forcing function that gives people knowledge... 8 Bushnell would hire one if they were creative & clever.
10 Name of company Bushnell founded in the 1970's.
11 Bushnell's home state.