Tenaya Scheinman

Tenaya Scheinman

Senior, Menlo School

Thoughts on Nolan Bushnell:

In one word: thrilling. Mr. Bushnell was something of a fairy tale to me growing up. Living in Woodside, I passed his house often with my parents. They always said, "That's where Nolan Bushnell lives."

"Who's that?" I'd inquire in my pre-adolescent way.

"He invented Atari."

"Ohhh.... Atari." That explained everything. He had invented the monolithic entertainment piece so coveted by my peers. It was the box that entertained for hours when hooked up to a television. Remarkable.

He's human, and a dreamer like the rest of us.

When I'm not doing homework, going to school or sleeping, I am usually spending my time working on one club project or another. I can't seem to give enough of my time or energy (although it does catch up to me at times). I really resonated with something Mr. Bushnell said about his life. He said that he could never seem to do enough, and that he was forever distracted by some new project. That sounds like me, and it drives my parents crazy! I have a kindred spirit!

I am proud to be a female greatly interested in technology-- actually, I'm interested in almost everything. I am the secretary of Menlo School's Technology Enhancement Combine (M-TEC). Regrettably, I'm the only female Administrator for the school FirstClass electronic bulletin board system (I'm looking for a female heir). Two years ago, I was part of the five member team that swept the Tech Museum of Innovation's Tech Challenge. The Rain Forest Rope Climb challenge involved constructing a device to climb a 20 ft. rope, touch a buzzer, and descend in the fastest time possible. Our team accomplished this feat in 9.75 seconds. We could have improved this time, but my hand slipped while threading the device, named "Pop Tart," in the final round. I am currently Vice President of Menlo's engineering club, and served as President and Vice-President in my Junior and Sophomore years respectively.

Model United Nations is another great passion in my life. I am currently Under Secretary-General of Menlo's club, and served as Historian for the two previous years. I enjoy representing the little countries, the ones with nothing to lose, the one's who play devil's advocate in committee, the ones that require aid, but reject much of it. Since helping found my high school Model United Nations Club, I have represented the under represented: Ethiopia, the Syrian Arab Republic, as well as a few smaller members of the European Union-- Denmark and the Netherlands. The hours spent in Stanford's Johnson Document Library (what feels like the world's largest and spookiest garage) all seem worthwhile when I step into committee.

Ice skating also takes precedence in my life. It's something that has consumed hours each week for over ten years. I have been on precision teams, in competitions, and in general foolishness at the ice rink (which is my third or fourth home).

Other activities? I am one of two Menlo School representatives to the San Mateo County Youth Commission that advises the county Board of Supervisors and helps run youth programs. I was former historian of Menlo's largest club, The Junior Classical League. I am a long time writer for The Coat of Arms, Menlo's student newspaper, and am now the Focus/News Editor. I write on almost anything, though movie reviews are my undisputed favorite. I am a Peer Leader, meaning I am a mentor, along with two other seniors, to about 12 freshmen. I was my Junior class Vice President and am currently Senior Class Secretary.

I just heard (on Dec. 16) that I have been admitted early decision to Swarthmore College near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am considering a double major in History and Chemistry, though I am very interested in Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Journalism too.