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Classi Djerassi

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Use the clues below or read the interview to solve this crossword puzzle.

5 Globally, it has quadrupled in Djerassi's lifetime 1 Djerassi successfully wrote this Roosevelt for a scholarship
8 Force that drives most scientists and writers 2 Musical instrument of our subject's youth
11 His interest in these hormones led to the invention of The Pill 3 "Pygmy Chimps" live only in this African state
12 Djerassi left this Austrian city just before WW II. 4 Scientists are no more _____ than average
6 Our morbid writeup we all yearn to read
7 Climbing this peak, and telling no-one is akin to pure research
9 In 50 years, Djerassi sees big changes in our approach to _____
10 Djerassi gave an equine bronze by _____ to an SF museum