Doug Ricket

Carla Siquieros

Senior, Saratoga High School

Doug Ricket, 18, says that he hopes to finish his senior year at Saratoga High School in one piece so he can go on to major in computer science next year. A National Merit finalist who earned all A's in advanced placement and honors classes, Ricket has been accepted at MIT, Cal Tech, Stanford, Harvey Mudd and UC-Berkeley. He is the recipient of the James and Rebecca Morgan scholarship through Valley Scholars, a program funded by the Noyce Foundation for outstanding students in math, engineering or teaching who live in Silicon Valley.

To "escape schoolwork," Ricket says that he "likes to pull slightly quirky and harmless pranks with his friends," play saxophone in the Saratoga marching band and in a jazz ensemble. Among his favorite memories from high school are "playing tic-tac-toe in chemistry and tutoring younger students."