Trevor Getsla

Trevor Getsla

Senior, Willow Glen High School

My name is Trevor Getsla, and I am a senior at Willow Glen High School in San Jose. I participated in a interview with Mr. Robert Metcalfe at The Tech Museum in San Jose.

I myself am interested in science, particular environmental studies or ecology. I plan on attending a local junior college and then moving on to the University of California at Santa Cruz. I am very interested in this subject, and I also have a interest in science in general. More than anything I like science as it is employed in helping people, or in improving living conditions and the overall health of our existence.

I also take part in my school journalism department, writing commentary and liberal views pieces. I really enjoy being outdoors, and I do a lot with environmental groups. I also enjoy having a good time around the city.

Personally I do not spend much time involved with computers other than to do work or play the occasional game. In fact I do not even own a PC or Macintosh.

Still though I keep up with what is going on around me. It's kind of hard not to when you live in Silicon Valley.