An Interview with Al

Phebus :   That's logical.
Shugart :   There's not enough logic any more. Common sense is dead.
Wolfson :   I'd like to ask you a series of quick questions. What has been your greatest screw-up?
Shugart :   I'm sure there are a lot. But, you know, I can't think of one. And I think that's a good sign, the fact that I can't think of one, because that means that I don't dwell on screw-ups. You go on to something else.

Nice guys finish last.
Wolfson :   If you could have a talent that you don't have, what would it be?
Shugart :   Flying.

Wolfson: Like a bird, or a pilot?

Shugart: Like Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

If you're a nice person and you're not talented, success won't follow, but at least you're a nice person and you'll enjoy life.
Wolfson :   The living person that you most admire?
Shugart :   My mother.
Wolfson :   Historical period that you would like to live in?
Shugart :   I'm not sure that I want to live in any of them. Looks to me like it wasn't very comfortable prior to this era.

Wolfson: So it would be this one?

Shugart: Or maybe the next one. I'd like to wait and find out before I pick.

Wolfson :   What's your vision of perfect happiness?
Shugart :   Just enjoying yourself. I think that's the most important thing of all. There's lots of things associated with enjoying yourself. I love the success of my kids and my friends and my employees and my relatives. When they're successful, I'm enjoying myself. Now other people might not.

I'd like to see a perfect world and in a perfect world, everybody is a nice person. Can you imagine what would happen if everybody was a nice person?