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The Art of Warnock

April 6, 1997

Brought to you by the Cogix Crossword Wizard

Use the clues below or read the interview to solve this crossword puzzle.

1 Warnock worked with one of these machines at Goddard 2 In 1450, This pressing technology made history
3 'It's essential that the students get _____ ' 4 Warnock had no interest in _____ early in his career
5 Number of employees Adobe expected to reach when it started 6 This school subject is of primary importance for business
8 School counselor advised him to avoid this field 7 Once you succeed, you don't care about _____
10 Legendary physicist who also failed math as a child 9 More important than telephone, radio, TV combined
11 Famous 20th C. scientist who failed 9th grade algebra