Words of Wozdom

Use the clues below or read the interview to solve this crossword puzzle.

This page uses a Java applet for the interactive puzzle. If your browser doesn't support Java or you prefer to disable it, try printing out this page and do the crossword on paper!

1 Inspiring book series 2 Important element for making computer chips
3 Thoreau's pond 4 Woz would like to be remembered as a good ________
6 He helped design these at Hewlett-Packard 5 One word self-description
10 Turn the other _________ 7 Woz co-founded this company in 1976
11 This keyboard was a better mousetrap, but... 8 Folk musician and Wozniak hero
12 Band that might have inspired the Apple name 9 The big shocker
14 Silicon Valley town; home to his first electronics store 13 Radio hobby