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    ABB Basketball Arm
    Using a touch screen, program a seven-foot high industrial robotic arm to shoot basketballs. Learn about precision, repeatability, and power of a robotic system.

    Adept Sorting Arm
    Race a robot in a test of visual skills and agility to be the first player to match three keys to their different looks.

    Type words or select icons to make this voice synthesizer speak for you.

    Mr. Walker
    Observe the balancing act this robot performs to walk on two legs.

    Examine Terregator, one of the first self-navigating robots, and discover the whys and hows of Terregator's sensors and locomotion.

    Get a first-hand look at Terregator's sonar system, and learn how this robot maps its environment and navigates.

    Multimedia Kiosk
    Select a robot and watch as a scientist explains the process of designing and programming robots to perform a task.

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