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 Robotics left The Tech
 Robotics left The Tech

Robotics @ The Tech closed on January 3, 2001. Its next stop is the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland, OH.

Robotics, developed by the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, PA introduces the world of intelligent machines- how they work, who builds them, and what they do- and organizes the exhibit around themes such as sensing, thinking and acting. Robotics includes more than 30 different hands-on activities and appeals to people of all ages.


Robotics was designed to introduce the science behind the design and operation of robots. After interacting with the exhibit, you will be able to

  1. Define a robot as a machine that gathers information about its environment (senses) and uses that information (thinks) to follow instructions to do work (acts).
  2. Recognize the advantages and limitations of robots by comparing how robots and humans sense, think, and act by exploring uses of robots in manufacturing, research and everyday settings.
  3. Understand your connection with technology and create an excitement about science and math that will prepare you for a workplace in which computer, robotics, and automation are common and essential.

The exhibit has specific areas that compare how human and robotic systems sense, think and act:

Robotics at The Tech
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